Official Rules Read First!

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Official Rules Read First!

Post by Admin on Mon Mar 19, 2018 1:00 am

User Rules
Anyone 18+ is welcome to register. *
Anyone interested in participation is encouraged to do so ASAP. You will get notifications of updates!   Very Happy
As soon as the forum is fully open for play, registered users will be notified immediately.

Although the forum is for doll owners 18+ of age, any and all dolls are welcome ** to role play. ***

User/members must not discuss politics, religion, ethnic preferences, sexuality, gun control, feminism, mgtow or any other divisive issues. However, doll characters are not limited to express how they think or feel****. Doll characters very often differ greatly from their owners. The purpose of this forum is for all 18+ users to have fun, discuss dolls, develop and play characters. If you wish to get upon a personal soap box, please use a different platform.

Do not harass other users for personal details.

Do not insult other owners or their dolls. Everyone enjoys different dolls for different reasons. Everyone enjoys their dolls differently. Do not offer criticism unless it is requested. When giving criticism, offer solutions to the problem.

Role Play Rules
Owner/Users must be respectful of each other. Before sharing a role play with another user, make sure it is agreed which format you both prefer. Have an agreed method to communicate as owner/users in case there are misunderstandings between your characters. Admin will not dictate how characters interact outside of the general use rules of the forum.

Please give gore/horror/violence warning in thread titles.

Image Rules
No nudity! No clothing options that would be out of place at a public beach. Infants must have a diaper. Dolls may wear underpants or swim suits. Dolls with a bust (bewbs!) must have appropriate cover.

Swap Rules
Post about, offer, or buy items at your own risk. Transactions are between buyer and seller only. Admin, Forumotion or any other user cannot control the decisions of others.
However, evidence of scamming will result in an immediate ban and any other applicable legal actions.

* The forum is open to those 18+ to avoid drama and to protect minors from any potential online predators.
Registration of a minor will result in an immediate ban and any other actions that are legally required.
** No recasts. Many members in the larger doll community wish to maintain a positive reputation, if you violate this rule, it will result in an immediate ban. Seriously, NO RECASTS, do not compromise the reputation of other doll collectors! Do not discuss or instruct other owners how to purchase recasted dolls. If you suspect your doll may be a recast and you would like to know for sure, please PM Admin for instructions to identify a recasted doll.
*** No 18+ content is permitted. It is not welcome nor allowed by Forumotion. This would include links, images or role play of any doll in a sexy situation.
However, there are forums dedicated to these themes. If you wish to participate in those the Admin will be happy to tell you how to find them.
**** No incest, pedophilia, rape or other sexual abuse themes.


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