How to Role Play, a guide

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How to Role Play, a guide

Post by Admin on Sun Mar 18, 2018 11:38 pm

The basics of Role Play here is to pick a general setting for your scene. These are guidelines to help get you started.

If your character is a fantastical creature, lives in Space, another time or planet, choose the Realm of the Fantastic. You may request your own section at anytime in that category, PM Admin for assistance.

If your character is Humanoid, choose a section in the Neighborhood that closely matches the vibe or age group you wish to play. These sections can be added or altered at any time if you cannot find what you would like to use. PM Admin for assistance.

You can start a new thread for only your characters, or only characters you invite.
For open scene, use OPEN in the thread title. This means any character or user is free to interact.
For example, if you post in the Bar and Grill, and you want anyone, user or character to play, title a thread, OPEN Happy Hour Then you might start the scene with something like:
Bob is free from his long work week and stops into the Bar and Grill. He has a seat and orders a drink.
Then, other characters are free to post as if they are also at the Bar and Grill and interact with Bob.

If the thread is not open to other characters, or by invite-only, please label the Title of the tread as Closed Role Play and whatever you wish to follow in the title.
For example, Bob is celebrating his birthday at the Night Club. He has invited all his buddies to join him. You may choose a title label that reads Closed Bob's Birtyday party. Then your character Bob and his invited friends may play out the scene undisturbed.

If you do not want owner/user comments in the scene, use Character Role Play Only in the tread title or the Opening Post.

Do not break the Fourth Wall of Fantasy.
This is disruptive to Role Play in that when this happens the characters become an 'it' instead of a living being. Disruptive posts will be removed. Use the report button to have posts flagged for removal.
If someone does this, please PM them and politely ask them to stop. They may be new and not know they did something rude.

The Chatbox
Anyone is able to use the Chatbox at any time. You may do a live-time RP or just chat with other users or characters. That's a free-style area, have fun with it! You may even agree for a certain time for several characters to have a meeting, or users are welcome to do the same and discuss their dolls.


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